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quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010

Am I alive???

Today i´m just thinking about my life,i guess everyone does it sometimes
at least i have read it in the net so many times that i just can`t count anymore,
In my case it hapened today,i look at me in the mirrow this morning and i got so many things i`d love to do it,never did it,not enouth money and time to do it,and most of my life was studing,work and work to pay bills and sail a litle on weakend and in summer and then travel around world siting in front of T.V.
So i found my self with 41years old with so many dreams and so afraid to let my self get to old to realise them.
The question is...how can i balence in a healthy way between having money and sail for a long time wen not working????

By the way is anyone out there reading this blog????
It whold be fun to find out if someone out there say YES lol ;)

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