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domingo, 11 de julho de 2010


Sunday,beautiful day to sail less wind.Perfect.
As usualy i check everything before i go sailing.... WHAT??? no lights in the mast nothing worked even the fridge broke down.
After 1hour around the fridge i found that it lost the gaz that keeps everything cold so i bought ice to keep beer cold(and food to).
So i have a gaz leek,nothing i can do know.
So i turn to the elctric problem,this time i went up the mast to check,no electricity
on the deck light and no electricity on the top of the mast. FU!"#$#$%$&%&/%&//
Well i know a few about electricity and everything seams to be right,but the electricity does not go to the mast.
well i decided to replace the deck light that was broken last time my daughter play on the mast and make knew conection,maybe some idea pop to my mind besides the wires could be broken inside the mast.
Well i must say i went up the mast 3 times and spend 3hours on this sh#$%&.
With some kind of inspiration of good i ask my wife to try one more time to turn the deck lights on and....IT WORKED so i decided to climb all way to the top to see if the light was on(can`t see in day light)and.... IT WAS WORKING
Beleve me i try it all day and worked tomorow i go try it again.

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