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segunda-feira, 25 de outubro de 2010

Boat safety

It was around midnight and i was in bed,wen i listen a sound,something like water coming inside the boat,i try to ignore but the sound did not stop.i got up the bed
and turn the lights on,and... in the midle of the salon i had water all over the place,i give the alarm that water was coming inside the boat and got my wife out of the bed and out of the boat,i turn the electric pump on and i decided to stay inside to try to find were the hell was the water coming in.And for my suprise a house from the water tank decided to let all the water como out.
All my body was shaking all night long.
From now on water pump stays on all the time and i´m going to put a alarm something that sailers talk about that lots of boats sink because the skiper is out side and did not know that water was coming until it was to late.
Now i know i got no hart problems.

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