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domingo, 17 de outubro de 2010

Sines Pescador Vitorino Gué Gué

My grandfather was fisherman,wen i was young i tought he was a fisherman like any other one,until one day a man ask me who was my family last name and he did not know.
Then i told my grandfathers name and his nick name (Gué Gué).I never forget his face
with is eyes wide open said "he is a very respected man because of the knolege of navigate under havy weter and fog and was in the Navy,everyone whants to go fishing with him because he always catch fish even in winter wen no one goes fishing because of the wether."
After that my mouth was wide open,i never knew,so i ask him one day to tell me all his stories and they are enouth to make a few movies(i mean good movies).
So i´m posting a Picture of his boat in his first day with it.
He is at the helm.

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